My name is Andreas, and I'm interested in the intersections between art and science. I work as a Senior Researcher at the GAPPP-Projekt located at Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik (iem) of Kunst Universität Graz and my special interest lies in the aesthetics of algorithmic and generative art and music.
Beside my practical work I wrote some essays. I enjoy coding and use mainly Processing for my work.
I´m at my PHD at Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg. My topic is something about algorithmic Composition. I teach ›Creative Programming‹ at Kunstuniversität Linz and ›Medientechnologien und angewandte Informatik‹ at Graz' very own Ortweinschule in the department of Grafic- and Communication-Design.

course material for some of my lectures

Title Institution City Semester
›Creative Programming 1‹Kunstuni LinzLinzWS 2016/17
›Creative Programming 2‹Kunstuni LinzLinzSS 2017
›Einführung Screendesign‹ 3AHGKOrtweinschuleGrazSS 2017
Screendesign 5AHGKOrtweinschuleGrazSS 2017
Creative Programming (TBA)Kunstuni LinzLinzWS 2017/18
MTIN (TBA)OrtweinschuleGrazSJ 2017/18