Hometrainer Media Art
Hometrainer Media Art


With Hometrainer you can stay at home and still maintain your image as an outgoing sports enthusiast.

»Hometrainer« deals with the construction of identity in social networks.
If you would see »Hometrainer« as a commercial product, you could point out several of its undenieable benefits:

  • effectively safe workout-time if you have a tight scedule
  • impress your friends and possible employers on facebook with your endurance, activeness and acceptance of an healthy sportive lifestyle.
  • don`t feel compelled to waste any of your precious time for simulating this lifestyle
  • effectively avoid injuries that occur while doing sports    (please read instructions carefully)
  • work out indipendent form bad weather.
  • keep full controll over your training progress without being restricted to your body`s limitations.
  • fulfill your long hedged dream of performing a marathon
  • impress your friends
  • shape your virtual (imagined) body
  • it runs and runs and runs!

The Android-App »Cardio Trainer« runs on a mobile phone which is attached to the clumsy hardware of »Hometrainer«.
The App itself is onfigured in a way that it automatically posts new training-results on my facebook wall.

The project is a technological contribution to some kind of online drag. It draws conceptual input from my paper „Hack yourself – hack your self“ (in „the body is the message“).

Low-Tech & Arduino

The idea of »Hometrainer« was realized in a Low-Tech way which suited the hacking-approach well. In this way hardware-hacking and hacking of the image of the body is connected. Conceptually, this work is linked to my paper “hack yourself – hack your self”, which deals with hacking the image of bodies in social networks from a theoretical viewpoint.

Hometrainer uses an Arduino to controll a simple construction that is built in a way to suggest the mobile phone that it`s actually carried around by a runner. A cheap servo moves over and over again to lift and sink a wooden plate. On this plate, the mobile tracks each of this “steps” and calculates the running distance. After one is satisfied with your work out routine one can easily post

Hint from experienced (and presumedly satisfied) users of Hometrainer: As the weight of the runner isn`t posted online you can burn extra calories by setting your weight to maybe 400 punds.

Hometrainer Media Art
Hometrainer Media Art
Hometrainer Media Art