100th anniversary of WW I

Infodesign: 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WW I

Infodesign: 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WW I

Topic of this work of information-design is the 1914-2014 Commemorative year: „100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I“. The fold-out page lists exhibitions that take place in Austria in the year 2014 and that deal with WW1.
It is basically a timeline with a long y-dimension. In this way, information on titles, durations and short decriptions of exhibitions as well as names of museums and geographic location is organized visually. Each exhibition is marked in the timeline by a number which is linked to a map of austria. In this way, calendrical information is connected with geographical information. As with all my efforts on envisioning information, I owe credit to Edward Tufte for his great explenations of underlying principles.

Readibility and visual harmony were the main goals for this design:

  • by sticking to classic subtle color-schemes that proved their functionality for backgrounds of mapsĀ  and using only one highlight for significant parts of information, color-clutter was carefully avoided
  • nevertheless, a feeling of modernity was sought to be achieved by chosing a somewhat non-classical color (magenta) for the highlights
  • the overall structure is organized by seperating information by size and space. For example the museums are grouped by their affiliation to federal states.

A summary of the featured exhibitions can be found here at standart.at (in german).