Speech About Music (2019)

Speech About Music

Book by Malik Sharif. Charles Seeger and Twenty-First-Century Musicologies The US-American musicologist, composer, philosopher, inventor, and political activist Charles Seeger (1886–1979) is a key figure in the development of twentieth-century musicology. This publication is the first book-length study of his philosophical theory of musicology – his meta-musicology –, which he continuously developed over the course of more than sixty years. The book comprises two main parts: The first part is a historical reconstruction and comparative analysis of Seeger’s meta-musicological theory. The second part employs Seeger’s theory as an arsenal of ideas in the discussion of twenty-first century meta- musicological issues, especially regarding the disciplinarity of musicology. Accordingly, this book is both an important contribution to the study of the history of musicology and a critical examination of the timeliness of Seeger’s ideas.

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