Measure and Discourse (2019–2021)

About MEDIS is developed as an environment that provides tools and methods to investigate audience experiences during live performances. Project details Tasks Conception, method, design, coding, research. ToolsFusion360, Arduino, Prusa3D, JavaFX The MEDIS environment 1 MEDIShost MEDISanalysis Marker Interface // MEDIS // Type of Hardware: Stick-Interface // Type of Software: Firmware // Processor: …

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Audiovisual Study

Listen with headphones. N=3 N=10 N=30 /* Audiovisual Study*/ /* Andreas Pirchner, 2018*/ var mainRadius = 250; var population =10; var lineWidth = 2; //let dot1; var circleColor; //ArrayList particles; var Dots = []; var centerPoint = new p5.Vector(mainRadius+5, mainRadius +5); var centerShift = new p5.Vector(centerPoint.x-50, centerPoint.y-50); var soundOn = true; function …

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Audioreactive Quarzt Composer, visuals temp festival, 2006 Processing, visuals, Binaural Audiovisual Sketch. Processing, OSC, MAX. 2018. Binaural Audiovisual Sketch. Processing, OSC, MAX. 2018. Audioreactive Material-Displacement, C4D, 2019. Audioreactive Material-Displacement, C4D, 2019.

Austrian Musseums Association – Project Report ›Collections Reviewed‹ (2020)

About Collections are not only the unique institutional feature of museums, they are also the heart of every museum and thus the starting point for all considerations and activities. Collecting is in the nature of man and is a phenomenon that cannot be completely explained. The reasons for collecting are manifold: financial security in the …

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Ö1 Museumsommer

Radio Ö1 Museum Summer (2020)

# —————————————————————————– # Python Script to use Geo-Data in C4D for maps # Also creates a network from the lacation points. # Andreas Pirchner 2020 # —————————————————————————– import c4d import json import random import math # Needed C4D Objects: # “CityPin”, “MuseumPin”, “SplineNet” class museum: def __init__(self, name, lat, lon): = name = …

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KUG Broschure (2019)

/*————————————————-*/ /* Random Walk Generator */ /* Made with Processing */ /* Andreas Pirchner, 2019 */ /*————————————————-*/ import processing.pdf.*; PointCloud cloudy; PVector cloudOrigin; float spacing; int pathLength = 500; ArrayList neighbours; ArrayList randomWalk; void setup(){ size(1000,1000,P2D); background(255); cloudOrigin = new PVector(0,0,0); spacing = width / 100; cloudy = new PointCloud(80,80, cloudOrigin, spacing); randomWalk = new …

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Audiovisuals I